The City of New Britain is located in Hartford County, Connecticut, USA.  According to the 2014 Census, New Britain has a population of approximately 72,558 residents and occupies a total of 13.4 square miles.

The City has come to be known as the “Hardware Capital of the World” and “Hardware City” for it’s major manufacturing hub which included companies such as Stanley Works, Corbin Locks, and North & Judd.

New Britain is known for it’s many spacious parks, Little Poland, and a rapidly increasing Hispanic population which has brought many new businesses and attractions to the city in recent years.  The New Britain Bees of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball league debuted in the city in 2016.

New Britain is home to not only some of the largest manufacturing employers in the state, but also multiple healthcare organizations offering services to people in New Britain and surrounding communities.

The city government is made up of a Mayor (R-Erin Stewart) and a 15 member common council.